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Our Work

We at Hiba-G are working on a handful of different projects from setting up a hospital being the latest endeavor. We are also setting up food banks and sorting out orphanages and getting more students enrolled into classes.  

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The hospital has been set up with experienced and educated doctors. We have a large variety of medication and we have people walking in already. This is a walk in hospital and is completely free for anyone who walks in. 


The Schools are a non profit business in which all students are welcome and we already have some enrolled. We are working towards having more children attending school. We have highly skilled teachers who can help them to learn about English, math's according to a specified curriculum. Each child has its own facilities and equipment sorted and ready for their day. 




The orphanage is for children who have no where else to go. We are working alongside other orphanages in Pakistan to secure children and provide them with the proper facilities for them to thrive. Every child in the orphanage is enrolled into the school mentioned above free of charge and they are able to gain the proper certifications for them 

Flour Mills

Flour Mills have been created powered by petrol. We have plans to move away from fossil fuels and more into renewable energy which can power these mills. Utilizing the river near the orphanage and solar power as well. The flour mills provide the orphanage with flour or wheat to help with food distribution and feeding the children nice healthy food. 


Food Banks

In addition to the above we at Hiba have set up a series of relief projects all consisting of clean food and water free of charge. Everyone is encouraged to come to the food banks located in the village and can also be moved to deliver to houses for the less fortunate. 


Transportation for Patients

The Hospital has its own walk in patients but we have also set up a ambulance service to help with inflowing patients. Working alongside other hospitals to provide the best free service as possible. 

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